AllNet Project


The AllNet project has many people excited about building a shared network infrastructure using our existing mobile devices.

There are a number of ways for people to support the project.

The easiest is to simply use the software that is available, and provide feedback to me for further development.

If you wish to improve the documentation, please provide me with specific text and an indication of how it fits in the current documentation.

If you have programming skills, the following tasks need to be completed. They are listed by version and by date. In each case, you may proceed as you wish, but you might be most effective if you email me first to check on the status of the specific task.

Version 3.2.1, May 2016

Version 3.2.1 has two basic programs: allnet, which provides the basic functionality of the AllNet network, and xchat, which provides secure chat functionality with a graphical user interface.

These programs have been written for Linux and ported to MacOS and Windows (under Cygwin). They generally appear to work, though much remains to be done.

There is also a version for iOS, which works well enough that I will attempt to release it to the Apple app store as allnet-xchat. Further projects that are needed at this point include:

I am working on these projects myself, but any assistance would likely make progress faster.